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William Hustler Bo'jenkins Awesome

what they did to the RNG job was fix it. and this is coming from an RNG. they changed the damage on ranged attacks for two reasons, so our damage wouldnt completely break the game, and two, so that we may have to actually quit TP whoring at close range and back off a bit and fire a couple shots that way. what does this mean?

1. it means it will weed out the bad RNGs who only rely on the gear they bought with the gil they bought.

2. well prolly die less in exp parties. since when a shadow is taken up it will be like when we are hit with no shadows in terms of emnity. people without shadows lose emnity when they are hit, shadows didnt do that before. the emnity just kept piling up as long as you kept your shadows up. this is why it was so hard to pull hate off a RNG/nin who used Barrage then a weaponskill immediately thereafter just a little too early.

they just finally fixed a totally broken job. and i can still do 90% of the damage i was doing before the patch? doesnt sound like too bad a thing to me.......this update will be good i promise. people will srtill invite RNG and you healers will still get fast easy exp with a good one of us in the party.

ive posted the above already on several FFXI communities ive been on and seen people being upset about the update. but what they're mostly upset about isnt the update messing up RNG, theyre mad about RNG's that are whining about the update(read as N00b RNGs). all the update means is that we as RNGs now have to move around a bit more in order to TP whore like we used to. run in, hit mob twice with hawker's, pull back to optimal range and fire an arrow, lather rinse repeat. i did this today and was fine. we just have to put in a little more work. which is a thing im excited about.

this is the results of my test with each weapon i tested with.

bow: way long range is the optimal damage. i used Great Bow +1. long range i did about 100 damage on a land worm, medium i was doing about 20% less. and close range did about 50-60% less.

Xbow: medium is the sweet spot for this weapon. i used Power Crossbow. Lon range did about 40 damage, medium was doing about 50 damage, and close was doing about 40 damage. as i got closer, i didnt seem to miss as much.

gun i didnt get to check because the gun i have is two levels above me. but i will do so soon enough.
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