Queen of Cheats and Codes (superriddledone) wrote in ff11,
Queen of Cheats and Codes

I hate my computers.

Yes thats right.
I hate my COMPUTERS.
First the back story of why I'm trying to reload FFXI

Well CPU #1 which is our old CPU decided that it wanted to be a dud and basically have a breakdown. My mom gets this extra cool fast new computer...but I'm not allowed to download ANYTHING on it. *cough*. Then My mom gets this link to connect the two CPU's together so they can both be ran off our modem. Which is cool although I have been missing FFXI so I've been dieing from withdrawls. (And my mom FINALLY got the link like 5 months after she got her new one.) The first thing I tried was my laptop I got for graduation. Everything loaded and I was happy...but I couldn't run the damn game. So...I was back to the drawing board..and here is where I'm at again.

All 3 of them in which I can rightfully play on.
CPU #1: Because it keeps telling me that something isn't there that needs to be. SO its not letting me finish downloading FFXI
CPU #2: Is as slow as fucking hell. Obviously thats the one with all my moms crap on it. And literally. Theres a ton of stupid not neccessary shit there.
MY LAPTOP: because its a big bitch and doesn't have the requirements needed to run FFXI. That makes me highly sad.

Now, I can't be lazy and sit on my ass all day playing FF. And that makes me angry. I hate computers. They don't agree with me.

I'm extremely bored obviously or I wouldn't be trying this hard.
But I'd still like to be able to play my game!!!! *shakes fist*
I've tried getting a hold of some people who know things about computers....
But none of them have answered my desperate nerdy cries.

That makes me sad in my pants

this is the file that its supposively missing::
C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\sound\win\music\data\music162.bgw

ok...I can't hate CPU #2 all that much now...because the stupid missing file warning came up on my laptop too.

I don't know what to do. Someone help me. (I really do need advice.
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