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Lvl 58 rdm!!! It just feels more real with almost all my af on ^^ Looking forward to hitting 60! =D

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As my whm I always envied my husband as his rdm. Now both he and I are looking forward to seeing me in full af! wewt!

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It's sad, but I finally got around to finishing my beastmaster AF last week, at level 71. I finally just decided to grab a couple of friends to go fight the NM tiger ourselves. It was a very hard battle that lasted at least 15 minutes (me 71 BST, 74 BRD & 60 THF) but that made it all the more exciting when I finally rampaged away the last sliver of its health!
Well My main is whm and took me a long time to get any help for my body piece because its an Nm to face in Feyin, not to mention the stupid bell that drops off undead mobs in eldime..

I kept on getting replys from requests to join ptys facing the NM: "Sorry we already have alot of whm in our group" So basically finally got the last piece long after I didnt need it any longer.

This time I was fourtunate to have a static before all the Af was needed and we along with our ls mates (my static is all from my ls) we got my hat ^^. It helped that another ls member needed it too.

Now its sitting in my inventory until I hit 60! I can't wait! =D
Ah. Seeing these pictures makes me sad ; ; I quit FFXI 2-3 weeks ago and deleted my character (75RDM,72BRD,65WAR+ 37subs)
Anyway. Low level rdm is really fun, I like it. You get fast exp invites and people dont so much ask you to mainheal (well, didnt ask me when I was leveling my rdm long long time ago)
Rdm AF is the best. ^_^/ so I hope you will get your levels fast so you can be real pimp ;D
ty tnitti ^^

I think when I quit I will feel exactly the same. I have some very good friendships ingame. The kind where if u could you would try to meet and hang out irl ^^. I think that is what is gonna make me sad when I leave the game. It is also the main reason I have stayed around for soo long.

I have my lulls ingame and do other things, its my freinds that keep me from leaving this altogether. Besides I have verrrry long winters around here so this kinda help cabin fever from hitting lol.