Jus-10 (neuroxin) wrote in ff11,

Getting Started In Bastok?

Hi! I just returned to FFXI after, well, several years. Bought the Ultimate Collection (all of the expansions) on Steam. I was actually in the original pc beta and then played off and on for a couple of years after that. Unfortunately, my old account isn't retrievable, but I'm ok with that. I actually want to start over.

I've found that as far as controls and such are concerned it's pretty much like riding a bike. A lot of it is coming back to me.

But a lot of it isn't. I'm kind of not sure where to start with my new hume RDM on Quetzacotl. I was given to understand that now you get some things early on that make leveling a bit easier? I am not sure how to go about obtaining them. I find myself worrying that I'm missing something crucial.

One thing I've definitely forgotten is reference sites and sources of information about the game.

I'd be really grateful for any tips on getting started and super appreciative for any links you guys could provide for online FFXI resources.

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